Fairy Tail x Rave Crossover to get Anime!

Fairy Tail x Rave Crossover to get Anime

A one shot crossover between Fairy Tail and Rave Master manga was published in 2011 and recently, Hiro Mashima, the author of both manga, announced on twitter that this one shot will become an animated OVA that comes bundled with the special edition of the 39th volume of Fairy Tail. The special edition book is set to release on 16th August at a cost of 1980 yen.

Taking charge of the animation is A-1 Pictures, the company which produced both Fairy Tail and Rave Master. And according to Mashima sensei, not only will the animated version be longer, but it will also include two additional characters, the thief Hario Musica and Dragonrace Let Dahaka. It has also been revealed that all main cast from both animes will return.

Lastly, Mashima sensei tweeted a drawing of the hero of Rave, Haru Glory.


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